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The car insurance is COMPULSORY for the client. It includes the following items:

 - Damages to the vehicle.
- Loss of the vehicle.
- Fire.
- Total or partial robbery (excepting tires and music equipment).
- Shock or Upset.
- Accidents, whenever:
a) an authorized person in the contract is driving the vehicle.
b) the driver is not under the effects of the alcohol.
c) the driver has not consumed illegal drugs.
- Natural Catastrophes.
- Damages produced to other people's property or injuries to third people who are caused in occasion of driving the vehicle.

It does not include:

- Tires and/or audio equipment robbery.
- Partial or total robbery, accident or fire by negligent performance of the user, when it is proven by the competent authorities that the driver is under the influence of alcohol, illegal or similar drug effects, or when the vehicle is driven by a non-authorized driver.