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In Pinar del Rio

Hotels in Pinar del Rio

Pinar del Rio is located at the west end of the country. Two of its multiple attributes would be enough to call the attention of visitors who have just arrived in the island: El Valle de Viñales (Valley of Viñales), Cultural Landscape of Mankind; and the fact that the lands of Vueltabajo produce the best tobacco of the world. This portion of the Cuban territory was named New Philippines by mid 1770's, but it was given its current name in 1778 (corresponding to the oldest town). It is the only place with two Reserves of the Biosphere within provincial limits: Sierra del Rosario and the Peninsula of Guanahacabibes.

The natural charms of Pinar del Rio are also particularly notable in the Sierra del Rosario Reserve of the Biosphere, where you will see the orchid plantation of Soroa, the most important one in the country with 750 varieties; and the touristic resort of Las Terrazas, which constitutes with its high landscape value the first experience of sustainable tourism developed in rural areas of the country.