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There are mountain formations, unique on the island, called hummocks. These hummocks are very unique geomorphological formations, some of them grow to be hundreds of feet high. These hummocks resemble a wide variety of forms, compared to those located in China and the Malay Peninsula. In the Valley "Dos Hermanas" (Two Sisters), you can find the Mural of Prehistory, which is painted on a rock on one of the lifts. This mural shows the evolution of life in the natural sense. The Mural of Prehistory is located on the hillock called Pita. You can find it in a perpendicular slope which wiped prior to this work, the rock was washed and also made it a little drains to prevent erosion in the future because of the rain. It stretches along the valley for 120 and 160 meters in length. It lists the Indians guanahatabeyes, mammals, giant animals and some molluscs. The mural can be seen in the evolutionary process 12 pieces of men and animals in the Sierra of the Organs, in its various stages.

Caves: In the valley you can find several caves like "Jose Miguel" and the "Indian". The last is a cavern that reaches 300 meters long, and inside are two underground rivers. They are very significant in terms of form and originality. It is also called "The Queen of the Dens," the Great Cavern of Santo Tomás. Regarding flora, it is classified in an atypical evolution, very varied in terms of species with features relics of the past in the valley there are about 17 endemic plant species not found elsewhere in the world.

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6 Item(s)